Data Analysis Solutions India

Data analysis solutions are being offered by companies in India to the level of utmost satisfaction, are not only highly commendable but also exclusively cost-effective. Whereas data analytics according to experts is a process of looking at and summarizing data and that too with the intent to extract hidden predictive information, it can be used to develop conclusions from the abstracted data. Corporate organizations are using data analysis solutions to make chart out strategic decisions and operational policies.

There have been tremendous growth in the number of companies which offer data analysis solutions to clients not only in India but various other parts of the world. The most part of data analysis is being used by Banking and Financial organization which are more in data mining and data interpretation than others. Data analysis solution helps client companies make better business decisions which are not only business friendly but logical and professional.

Various services included in data analysis solutions including of Survey Design & Programming, Cross Tabs & Banner Tables preparation, Data Analysis, Charting, and Power Point report writing services, verbatim/open end coding, Statistical Data Analytics, etc. are being considered crucial for clients located in the USA or Canada. Some sectors such as finance organizations or banks depend heavily upon data mining and data interpretation and for that these organizations are more than willing to invest handsomely in data analysis solutions.

Considered as a leading supplier of data analysis solutions to the companies located in various developed nations in the Europe and some countries in North America, Indian IT sector along with ITES earns mammoth-sized foreign reserves. Similarly, various BPO and KPO companies in India offer outsourcing services in market research and statistical data analysis clients located outside India. The process not only helps such companies gain profit but higher up the profit margin by reducing the production cost involved.

Data analysis solutions such as Linear, Ordinal, Log-Linear Models, and Non-Linear Regression, etc. along with Regression Analysis including of Binomial Tests, Fishers Tests, Chi-square Tests, etc. being offered by a number of Indian IT firms to their global clients. Some other data analysis solutions such as Summarization – Cross Tabs, Correlation,etc. Data Visualization, e.g. Bar Plots, Bubble Plots, Pareto Charts, Pie Charts, Q-Q Plots, Control Charts, Histograms, etc. being offered by several companies in India.

In a typical data analysis solution clients with the help of data served by the company conclude on something and take decision on the basis of that conclusion. Similarly, data analysis is a kind of modeling of the data with the use of mathematics and other tools. Though there is slight likelihood of exaggeration of facts or points, most of the time data analysis helps client companies reach on to some conclusion.


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