Data Analysis Services India Companies

Data analysis services intensify the research method and research outcome exclusively and successfully. Moreover, a range of companies have come over a decade of time in India which offer comprehensive range of data analysis services to clients from India and outside of India. Teams of experienced Data Analysis work towards the quality research projects and help clients save their time. Optimum utilization of resources is made possible by data analysis as it helps in to concrete the entire data for better output.

With data analysis services which in fact is cleaned data file based on various test statements, re-codes, assignments and computed variables, etc., client companies can do real-time data editing. Similarly, multivariate analysis with a comprehensive statistical testing e.g. t-test, z-test, ANOVA, Chi-Square, etc. India’s data analysis services providing companies assist their clients to reach on to a meaningful business focused conclusion.

In a typical data analysis service, a complete and unlimited tables and number of respondents are studied and managed. Apart from creating marginals, and frequencies, data analysis services also includes counts and percentages. Similarly, weighing by factors, targets, percentages or margins in addition to study of means, medians, standard deviations, etc. is done in data analysis services being offered by Indian ITES companies.

Some other works included in data analysis such as quality optimization in electronics, paints, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, consumer products, insurance, banking, etc. are being helped by data analysis services in India. Moreover, with a varied range of data analysis services in India help clients optimize the design of new products, do association rules discovery. And check customer loyalty or churn analysis, etc.

Companies looking for customer segmentation and profiling as well as classification of respondent and market segments, etc. hire the data analysis services being offered by a range of IT and ITES firms. Apart from development of new advertising and several promotional materials, data analysis companies in India offer services such as fraud detection, parameter importance analysis, survival time analysis of a customer and time series analysis, etc. amongst others.

Data Analysis services offered by IT and ITES firms with their trained staff who are well-versed in Conjoint Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulations, Multidimensional Scaling Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, etc. amongst others are not only cost-effective but highly professional also. Notwithstanding, data analysis services including of cluster analysis, factor analysis, data mining, classification and regression trees, multiple regression, discriminant analysis, forecasting analysis, etc., can truly be considered of standard class.

Data analysis has become a part of curricular of various Knowledge Process Outsourcing companies operating in India. These companies with the help of charts, graphs, and textual write-ups of data provide cost-effective data analysis solution to clients. Each data analysis solution is determined and defined depending upon the specific requirement of clients, and available tools with the service offering company. Moreover, summarizing data is being considered critical as it contributes in supporting arguments which are made on the basis of data.


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