Offshore Software Development in India

In last couple of decades, there has been increased activities in offshore software development in India thanks to India’s prowess in software development and huge pool of talented IT professionals who are as competent as competent are their western counterparts. Apart from becoming a leading BPO service provider, India has become a leading offshore software development center for top notch IT companies of the world, particularly from the USA, Canada and many European nations. Many of the IT firms in the USA have started off-shoring their software development projects to India centers so that production cost can be reduced.

The concept of offshore software development came in when software development companies in the USA and Canada realized the cost benefit of the Indian IT firms. Soon after the realization that Indian IT companies are becoming larger and larger thanks to the cost-advantage vis-a-vis IT companies in the USA and Canada, the IT firms in the latter countries started off-shoring their software development process to Indian locations, particularly to Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. which ultimately have become IT cities in last one or more decades.

Offshore software development to India is done for various advantages which includes cost effective production with the help of most experienced software developers which are available in plenty. Similarly, Indian IT professionals are well-versed in English language and can understand as well as cater the specific requirements of clients in English speaking belts particularly the USA and Canada. Apart from language expertise, Indian software development professionals offer high-end IT solutions and that too with extremely improved flexibility in terms of price and technology.

By offshore software development IT companies in the USA and Canada have been able to save lots of time and finances which otherwise they would had have to invest in the process had they did it on their own. Apart from saving on non-investment in setting up necessary infrastructure for software development in their country, IT firms in the USA and Canada invest just a little in India and get multiple benefit with whatever little investment in training or infrastructure. Most of the plug in and play IT companies in India are here for offshore software development.

In an offshore software development company the requirement for expert management wherein scheduling, progress control, resource and work assignment, etc. are crucial is done by the parent organization which originates the entire process. The entire management of offshore software development includes project plan, status reports, delivery and cost tracking, etc. then only the cost-effectiveness can be ensured by the offshore software development in India. Notwithstanding, updated and upgraded technologies are the fundamental requirement for offshore software development in India for cost-advantageous venture.


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