Database Migration Services

Database migration services includes the migration of data from one format to other which is done cautiously for the reason that each change has its own inherent risk and sensitivities involved in the database migration process. Moreover, in database migration process, the data on the old system is mapped and then transferred to the new system providing a design for data extraction. Similarly, the data loading is done with utmost care so that the design where old data formats to the new system’s formats and requirements is up to established safety norms.

According to the classical definition, Data Migration is a sort of process wherein transferring of data between storage types, formats, or computer systems is done in the most sophisticated manner. Additionally, in such a data migration care is given to locate and achieve an automated migration through programmatically balanced process. The requirement of database migration comes when  organizations or individuals change computer systems or upgrade to new systems. Moreover, when there is some systems merge particularly in the cases of merger & acquisition, database migration becomes necessary.

Depending upon the specific requirement, the database migration process involves the data transfer  between storage types, varied formats, or various computer systems, etc. Notwithstanding, in a typical database migration, the process is performed programmatically so that an automated migration of data can be done. A lot of database migration takes place when the data is essential for future purposes but thanks to physical reason the destination has to be changed e.g. organizations or individuals change computer systems or upgrade to new systems, etc.

IT companies offering database migration service comply with various safety norms during the actual process so that there is no failure in data migration. There have been instances wherein there were huge database transfer failure and the major reason behind such failure has been lack of methodology. Similarly, unrealistic scope and improper understanding and the use of tools, etc. too contribute to the database migration service failure. Further, some traditional reasons behind the database migration failure include inattention to data quality and lack of experience which however, can be resolved by implementing technological inputs and prudent methodology. Moreover, it is an approach of end-to-end migration services which helps achieving successful database migration.

When Data migration has become a common feature in today’s database’s life-cycle, companies involved in it provide cost-effective database migration services with their skilled professionals who assess the requirement and then offer the customized service depending upon the situation and requirement. Moreover, wherein migration from version older to version newer is required, database migration from one version to another is done in the most careful manner so that no data is lost in the process. Notwithstanding, intensive care is needed when data from old system is imported to new system.



With increase in number of internet users, e-learning and its scope is expected to widen in next couple of years. Moreover, companies and educational institutes are giving major thrust on e-learning or electronic learning for it is convenient and cost-effective. Efforts from governmental and non-governmental bodies to provide prominence to e-learning can be viewed as a major progressive step for learners and service providing agencies.

Growth and development in the Indian economy empowers people to go for cutting edge education and for education latest technological inputs are mandatory as they provide efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, e-learning in India is quite popular among young professionals who have joined the work force quite early; however, wish to learn new things, vocation, change career, etc. E-learning has become a beacon of hope for those who left their academic learning mid-way to pursue a job or career.

E-learning facilitates a learning service wherein the learner does not need to go for regular class; rather, he can do so sitting at his home, office and can do the prescribed course at his convenient time. Various top notch institutes in India including of Indian Institute of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, etc. have started offering e-learning courses in various branches of studies which includes engineering, management, trade, business, law, etc. amongst others. The best part is that e-learning is at evolving stage and it would be even more benign in coming couple of years to accommodate almost all kinds of learners.

While e-learning has emerged as a leading way of advanced learning, various e-learning solution providing companies have come up in India in various metro cities which facilitate institutes and corporate companies with latest software solutions. Such e-learning solution providing companies, use e-learning authoring tools such as MS Word, Power point, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Authorware, Director, XML Spy, and Visual Intradev, etc. to design suitable e-learning solution to clients which ultimately offer their services to students or employees.

Additionally, there has been immense growth in various sorts of e-learning solutions which can be developed with the help of e-learning programming languages including of Java, JSP, C++, visual basics,,, advanced java, Mobile VB, etc. amongst others. Requirement of companies which provide e-learning programming languages has soared in last couple of years. Some e-learning solution providing companies have even extended their services wherein they provide services such as e-Learning Consultancy, Content Development (Multilingual), Instructional Designing, etc.

Then there are some e-learning solution providing companies which are offering web Based Training (WBT) Development, Computer Based Training (CBT) Development, Online Test, Media Production, Scenario Based Learning, Simulation Based CBT/WBT Development, Testing and QA (CBT / WBT), etc. to clients operating in education, training, and HR services. E-learning solutions developed on Oracle, MS access, MS SQL, SQL server, etc. are quite in demand. With increase in demand of e-learning solutions based on Photoshop, Sound forge, Premier, Flash, Illustrator, Corel Draw, and 3D studio Max, Director MX, demand for professionals expert in these has increased manifold.

Offshore Software Development in India

In last couple of decades, there has been increased activities in offshore software development in India thanks to India’s prowess in software development and huge pool of talented IT professionals who are as competent as competent are their western counterparts. Apart from becoming a leading BPO service provider, India has become a leading offshore software development center for top notch IT companies of the world, particularly from the USA, Canada and many European nations. Many of the IT firms in the USA have started off-shoring their software development projects to India centers so that production cost can be reduced.

The concept of offshore software development came in when software development companies in the USA and Canada realized the cost benefit of the Indian IT firms. Soon after the realization that Indian IT companies are becoming larger and larger thanks to the cost-advantage vis-a-vis IT companies in the USA and Canada, the IT firms in the latter countries started off-shoring their software development process to Indian locations, particularly to Bangalore, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. which ultimately have become IT cities in last one or more decades.

Offshore software development to India is done for various advantages which includes cost effective production with the help of most experienced software developers which are available in plenty. Similarly, Indian IT professionals are well-versed in English language and can understand as well as cater the specific requirements of clients in English speaking belts particularly the USA and Canada. Apart from language expertise, Indian software development professionals offer high-end IT solutions and that too with extremely improved flexibility in terms of price and technology.

By offshore software development IT companies in the USA and Canada have been able to save lots of time and finances which otherwise they would had have to invest in the process had they did it on their own. Apart from saving on non-investment in setting up necessary infrastructure for software development in their country, IT firms in the USA and Canada invest just a little in India and get multiple benefit with whatever little investment in training or infrastructure. Most of the plug in and play IT companies in India are here for offshore software development.

In an offshore software development company the requirement for expert management wherein scheduling, progress control, resource and work assignment, etc. are crucial is done by the parent organization which originates the entire process. The entire management of offshore software development includes project plan, status reports, delivery and cost tracking, etc. then only the cost-effectiveness can be ensured by the offshore software development in India. Notwithstanding, updated and upgraded technologies are the fundamental requirement for offshore software development in India for cost-advantageous venture.