Microsoft Custom Application

Microsoft understands the fact that it is almost impossible to introduce any software product to the contemporary market without its customization and integration into other systems. With the sound understanding it brings out Microsoft custom application which can further develop existing products and integrate them into customer’s existing systems. Moreover, where necessary, it develops brand new applications, tailored specifically to the needs and budget of the customer.

.Net is one such Microsoft custom application which is used for custom application development. Before the application development a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the business needs of the client, preparation of design specifications, initial design concept, programming, testing or validation, client support (Training & support material provided) and ongoing development and maintenance, etc. is done.

Consisting of common Language Runtime which provides an abstraction layer over the operating system, .Net has Base Class Libraries – which in fact is a pre-built code that is used for common low-level programming tasks. Moreover, considered as Microsoft’s platform for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences, it helps in seamless and secure communication. It is also known for its ability to model a range of business processes.

Microsoft .NET Integration & Customization is used for developing integrated applications on top of Microsoft .NET Frameworks. Used for architecture design & planning, it helps in creating scalable infrastructure, platform and application architectures for customer’s solution. Moreover, custom application development wherein Visual Studio 2005, C#, ASP.NET and .NET Framework, etc. which in turn are in vogue these days.

Microsoft custom application for integration strategy & deployment in which custom and middleware based solutions for integration with back office, legacy, other web applications and web services are implemented offer executable solution. Notwithstanding, Microsoft custom applications are secure as they secure the platform and applications with hardware, product, services and guidance around the customer’s security requirements.

Software development companies use .NET solutions to meet customer’s current and future requirements and build world-class .NET solutions that are cost effective and offer measurable ROI. Moreover, they also help in migrating customer’s existing application to .NET with the least possible disruption to the business. Integration into new functionality or extension of the functionality of customer’s existing application using .NET technologies is a leading feature of Microsoft custom application.

Microsoft is also known for offering training services to software developers on .NET technologies and provide valuable consultancy and best practices in .NET. Moreover, it supports and maintains customer’s critical applications. There are various reasons behind the popularity of Microsoft custom application and one of them is that it is a low cost solution which has low TCO or Total Cost of Ownership.

Some other features that a Microsoft custom application possesses are cross language inheritance, memory leak and crash protection, multi-device support, rich output caching, easier deployment, better scalability & improved performance, etc. However, the most crucial one is that the .NET Framework helps customers build applications that work the way they want in the programming language they prefer in terms of software, services and devices.


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